The MIRO Robot

MIRO is an autonomous robot platform targeted equally at the research lab and the classroom. It is the first robot in a development programme that aims to accelerate progress in social and companion robotics research and to foster public engagement with robots, from the bottom up. MIRO also makes a great show-piece, demonstrating as it does the engaging nature of robots built on biological principles of morphology and behaviour.

As a research tool

MIRO is particularly suited for developing companion robots—the future social robots that will share our personal spaces, interact with each other and provide emotional engagement and entertainment. However, as an accessible, rich, and affordable platform, MIRO also expects to find work in robotics research more broadly.

As an educational tool

Those same qualities recommend MIRO's use in the classroom. With six exteroceptive senses, 8+3 degrees of freedom, an innovative brain-inspired control system, and an implementation in simulation, MIRO is a great platform for education. Students can get started—even in their own time—with the simulator, and work together to deploy their developments on a physical robot.

As an ambassador

MIRO's built-in "biomimetic core", an implementation of a set of components from our Biomimetic Brain-Based Control System (3B-CS), generates life-like behaviour out of the box. Left to roam free, MIRO never fails to garner attention, and likes to play at front-of-house, drawing in the crowds and acting as a talking point for outreach or promotion.


Ultimately, your MIRO will become whatever you want it to. So join the MIRO community and help develop the next generation of biomimetic autonomous companion robots.

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