This page lists identified bugs against the date at which they were identified and/or fixed, and describes any impacts and workarounds. Bug fixes are published as part of MDK releases—to establish whether your platform has a given bug, establish whether the firmware element specified in the bug report installed on your platform has a release tag that comes after the bug fix date.

Release 170423

At 23/04/17, this is the first public release.


170601a (P2 RTC skew)

RTC skew driven by circadian model and immediate sensory input is enabled if the flag AFFECT_UPDATE_RTC is NOT set, which is semantically and functionally incorrect.
The fix changes behaviour so that RTC skew is enabled if the flags AFFECT_ENABLE and AFFECT_UPDATE_RTC are both set.
There is no impact unless the user is making use of the RTC clock provided by P2. Workarounds might include ignoring the RTC clock in P2 (there is one available in P3, as an alternative, which is not affected), or using the flags in the indicated (incorrect) way to control the RTC skew in P2.