The Python command-line client is a demonstrator client that provides a more-or-less minimal example of how to talk to MIRO's ROS interface from Python code, which may be a good starting point for your own client. It listens to several streams, and publishes a simple drive pattern in return. You may like to review the code for the Python GUI Client to learn more about the broader set of signal streams that are available on the interface, and how to listen to or drive them.

The robot may move, and you should prepare for this—in particular, make sure it is not able to fall!


To launch the client, proceed as follows.

$ cd ~/mdk/bin/shared $ ./miro_ros_client.py robot=rob01

What is it doing?

The client listens to the platform/sensors message, and sends back a platform/control message on receipt. That is, it treats MIRO as a straightforward robot platform. The pattern it sends has four phases:

Thus, MIRO will parade back and forth across the floor, staying—more or less—in the same place.

Moving on

For a fuller understanding of the interface offered by MIRO, next try the Python GUI Client. Or, to try a client in a compiled language, try the C++ Command-line Client.