This page quickly runs through things that every user should know.


MIRO is not a consumer product, and may not be safe for a particular use—for details, see Terms And Credits. When performing your risk assessment before using your MIRO you should consider, at least, the following:

MIRO is low to the ground and may not be seen; it is a trip hazard.
MIRO may drive itself off edges and fall on someone or something below.
MIRO has some "pinch points", where careless fingers could be caught and injured.
MIRO may generate electromagnetic interference that may interfere with other, perhaps safety-critical, equipment.


In addition to your MIRO robot, you will also need Batteries and a suitable charger.


MIRO shouldn't need more than the usual care—keep it clean, don't get it wet, and definitely don't feed it after midnight. However, please also note these guidelines:

Turn MIRO off when not in use; the shelf-life of the batteries may be reduced if they are run down too far.
Remove the batteries from your MIRO before leaving it unsupervised for any length of time.