The Developer Manual will explain how to start developing for your MIRO robot. It is organised as a series of sections, each of which will walk you through an aspect of working with your MIRO. The Developer Manual links out to pages from the Technical Manual, which provides reference information on all aspects of the MIRO robot and the MDK.

It starts with Preparation, which will help you prepare your tools, including your own workstation as well as your MIRO, for the development process.

We refer to the different ways you can work with MIRO as Profiles. This section of the documentation begins by describing these profiles, including directions for getting up and running and worked examples for each one. Following this, additional developer information applicable to some or all of these profiles completes the section.

Expansion deals with the expansion port which is available on the P3 processor board. This port will be useful if you need to attach additional peripherals to your robot.

The section Biomimetic Core details the on-board biomimetic control software. You will be introduced to the nature and role of the core as you work through the other sections.


Most MIRO software will produce a "usage" message, indicating what arguments it accepts, if it is run with no arguments at all.

Most MIRO software, and much of the on-board software that is supplied by third parties, can be stopped from running by pressing CTRL+C.

Developer Manual