You will not normally have to open up MIRO's head shell, and should avoid it if possible since reassembly is a little fiddly. If it is necessary to get inside the head, however, this page details the procedure.


Ideally, you should move MIRO's neck into an upright position before proceeding. The neck will usually go to an upright position if no software is running on P3. Login to P3 and make sure no robot control software is running.

Undo the three hex-head screws on the underside of MIRO's head securing the upper part of the shell to the lower part using the MIRO head-opening tool (see Assembly). You can now separate the two parts. Usually, this will be sufficient access. If you need to actually separate the two parts, you will—in addition—need to separate three cables that run through the neck (USB, I2C, and SPI) as well as two or three local cables, depending on which equipment is fitted. Take note of where each cable is fitted for ease of reassembly.


Refitting is the reverse of removal, but note the following points before you start.

Before refitting, visually locate the three plastic pillars in the lower part that will mate with the plastic pillars hanging down from the upper part and ensure that none of them is fouled by cables or other components, to avoid possible damage to fouled parts.
Take great care to nestle the boards hanging down from the upper part into the cavities in the lower part—particularly note the camera cables which can easily be knocked loose as the rear pillar passes them.